Friday, September 23, 2011


What does it say about the Republican Party that killing hundreds of prisoners is met with cheers? That the prospect of people dying without health insurance is met with cheers? There's an irrational bloodlust I can't understand. I'm not suggesting everyone throw flowers in the air and sing Kumbaya... but celebrate, crave, and reward leaders for enacting policies that lead to unnecessary death? I feel like a line has crossed at some point and no one noticed.

It's seen as a badge of masculinity to enact "ultimate justice" which, by the way, is not only Perry's characterization of state mandated killing but also an actual comic book superhero gang. It's one thing for an ill-educated ignorant person to celebrate death publicly, it's another thing for him to be rewarded for it.

With all of this, what is Perry criticized for? Allowing a student to pay the same tuition as his neighbor without comparing their parents immigration status. That's where the Republican Party is drawing the line. And that's what I can't understand.