Sunday, January 30, 2011

An old presentation

Speech Presentation

The notes page isn't there, but you should be able to get a good idea of what they said. My favorite line was from page 9: "not so innocent and harmless anymore is he?".

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texas Board of Education: no consensus on global warming

"Both sides should be presented in order to provide a more balanced view". I can't tell you how wrong this is! Global warming isn't an opinion issue, it's not like we get to decide whether or not it's actually happening. It's happening! That's a fact, that's not something that depends on whether or not we "believe" it.

There's been a clear consensus by scientists who study climate change for over 20 years that anthropogenic climate change is real and is happening. Bush Jr. took the White House in 01, and promptly decided that he didn't believe in anthropogenic global warming. So he appointed his own scientists to look into the IPCC's findings (link). And guess what? They found that the conclusions of the IPCC were totally correct.

How someone has the arrogance to dismiss the conclusion of nearly every single scientist who studies climate change as "inconclusive" is beyond me. Yes, the average internet user can find forums and blog postings that have clever bullet points that appear to conclusively say global warming is a "hoax". Yes, the average internet user probably can't refute those bullet points.

Guess what? That's why we ask the opinions of actual scientists who've actually made a career of studying the climate. And they nearly all agree: anthropogenic climate change is a reality, and it's harder to fix the longer we wait.

What's the appropriate response in the face of overwhelming evidence and expert opinion? Laugh, get the snide smirk that the guy in the video does at 19 seconds, and dismiss reality as if that were an option.